Revelation of help available in advance even if Need Request are not put forward.

Helping person knows beforehand what are the needs, and where help is expected.

Match between available-help and requested-need.

Open and transparent communication between helping person, needy, and partner organisation.

Flow steps

Express help to

Education Health Disaster Social issue Poverty Illness COVID & Pandemic Business loss Theft

Parentless child Out of school child Child not able to read or write Child health suffering Handicapped child Specially abled child

Orphan person Homeless family Suffering from leprosy/ cancer/ AIDS

Unskilled person Illiterate person Handicapped

Unemployed Day laborer Craftsman / Artisan Hawkers / Hawkers / Rickshaw pullers Low income assistant, cleaning staff, Salesman, Into dangerous job

Transgender Socially backward community Minority

Single woman / widow Household headed by a destitute woman Orphan woman Aged Orphan old man Unknown identity (bhataka huaa insaan)

No proper clothing House is kachha Landless Live far away from the main village or township

Migrant Migrant labor Returned migrant laborer Illegal migrants Foreigner