We all need some encouragements, motivation and facilitation for various things.

On the flip side, all of us have some desire to extend help to a needy. So the ‘Help’ extension give space for revelation of help in advance by a helpful person even if any ‘Needs’ are not put forward.

So, ‘Niwasi’ initiative through its Help extension encourages as many persons as possible to become helping persons. All the needs of residents can be put on help.niwasi.in also, and helps accepted by the needy will be communicated to helping persons via help.niwasi.in.


Revelation of help available in advance even if Need Request are not put forward.

Helping person knows beforehand what are the needs, and where help is expected.

Match between available-help and requested-need.

Open and transparent communication between helping person, needy, and partner organisation.

Flow steps